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Flanged Spherical Pipe Joints (FJFF)

Flanged Spherical Pipe Joints (FJFF)
Spherical molded expansion joints / flexible connectors with long radius arch bellow design that permits substantial movements in all planes. Designed to isolate noise and vibration in piping systems, cushion fluid pulsation and permit axial, transverse and angular movements. Provide superior noise attenuation and a number of other advantages over metal joints. Spherical shape ensures smooth fluid flow, resulting in negligible pressure drop. Floating ductile iron flanges facilitate easy alignment. Bellows are reinforced with nylon fabric and spring-steel wire. Size: 50 to 500mm nominal, Pressure: 16Kg/cm2, Vacuum: 650mm, Temp: -20o to 105oC. Joints with higher pressure ratings are available on application.

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