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Threaded Pipe Joints - Versaflex (VF Series)

Threaded Pipe Joints - Versaflex (VF Series)
Versaflex expansion joints / flexible connectors are engineered for superior performance, safety and convenience :
  • The floating triangular flanges and extra wide bellow lips are both specially designed to ensure firm sealing at the edges. This prevents slippage of bellows, which is a common problem with the conventional union design.
  • Exclusive forged steel flanges..a WEICCO innovation. These are much stronger than MI unions / flanges.
  • Design offers considerable convenience of installation / removal compared to union type joints.
  • Each unit is individually tested at 150% of rated maximum working pressure before leaving works. 
  • Available with Forged Steel FPT flanges (standard), Brass Sweat-end / Threaded couplers, SS304 couplers - or any combination of these, so that the joint may be used to directly connect dissimilar materials.
  • Elastomeric bellows provide superior noise attenuation and a number of other advantages over metal joints
Size: 15 to 50mm nominal, Pressure: 16Kg/cm2 (standard) or 20Kg/cm2, Vacuum: 650mmHg, Temp: -20oC to 105oC.

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