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Products & Services : Expansion Joints & Flexible Connectors

Expansion Joints & Flexible Connectors

WEICCO supplies elastomeric pipe expansion joints / flexible connectors, suitable for use within the piping system and at connection points of piping with mechanical equipment. These are designed to - compensate for axial, transverse and angular pipe movements; reduce transmission of noise and vibration in the system; cushion water hammer. Typical applications include inlet / outlet of HVAC equipment (eg. chillers, pumps, AHUs, FCUs, cooling towers), HVAC piping (eg. circulation lines, risers, across building expansion joints), process piping, water distribution, power plants etc.

The range also includes Stainless Steel Braided EPDM Hose for making convenient flexible connections.

The standard types of products offered include :
  • Elastomeric Threaded Pipe Expansion Joints ('Versaflex')
  • Elastomeric Flanged Spherical Pipe Expansion Joints
  • Control Units, for use with flanged joints
  • SS Braided EPDM Hose
WEICCO 'Versaflex' threaded joints incorporate a host of performance and convenience features which are not offered by others. These are covered on the Versaflex product page in the website.

We offer full technical backup in areas like product selection and application, positioning of pipe guides, anchors and expansion joints etc.

Compliance: WEICCO expansion joints comply with ASTM F 1123-87. All joints are individually tested as per BS 5150, at 150% of rated working pressure.

Finish: Flanges are epoxy powder coated, rated at 1000 hours salt spray testing as per ASTM B117.

Drilling / Threading: Flanges drilled to BS4504 PN16. Drilling to any other standard available on application. Threading as per BS21. Other threads on application.

Bellow Material: Neoprene supplied as standard. EPDM, NR, SBR, CBR etc. available on application. Bellows have multi-ply nylon tire cord reinforcement. Joints suitable for drinking water are also available.

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