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Products & Services : Vibration Isolators - Elastomeric

Vibration Isolators - Elastomeric

WEICCO supplies various types of elastomeric vibration isolators. Depending upon the type of product, these are suitable for noise and vibration control in non-critical applications or as acoustic separators between mechanical equipment and the building structure.

The standard types of products offered include :
  • Neoprene Hangers, for suspended equipment
  • Neoprene Floor Mounts, for floor mounted equipment
  • Pads, such as Modular Pads, for floor mounted equipment
  • Duct Mounts, for light suspension
  • Cylindrical Mounts, for channel mounted equipment
  • Grommets and Knockouts of various sizes
  • Acoustic Riser Anchors and Guides, which also acoustically isolate riser piping
These isolators are supplied in natural rubber or Neoprene as standard. Other elastomers, such as EPDM, Nitrile Rubber, SBR, CBR, Silicon Rubber etc. are available on application.

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