WEICCO Dependable Products for Quality Projects
Strategic Focus
Our deep-rooted commitment to product quality is a major reason we have developed in-house infrastructure and expertise in practically all manufacturing processes related to our products, right from die-making to surface coating. Minimizing dependence on external vendors allows us to control every aspect of quality more closely and supports our continuous improvement goals. Though it has entailed substantial investment to implement, we believe this strategy has been the key driver behind the high quality ratings WEICCO products consistently receive from customers.

 Other salient aspects of quality management at WEICCO:
  • ISO 9001:2000 certified quality management system.
  • Extensive in-house testing facilities have been created. The equipment is all traceable to national standards and certified by government approved calibration bodies. This includes :
    • Mechanical Properties Testing - UTM
    • Spring Testing - Computerized compressive / tensile load testing for load-deflection characteristics, cyclic loading, fatigue testing
    • Metallic Coating Thickness Testing - Coulometric, Salt Spray
    • Elastomer Properties Testing - Hardness, Aging, Tensile Strength, % elongation etc.
    • Hydrostatic Pressure Testing
    • X-Ray Inspection Equipment for Welding
  • Continuous process improvement, with an emphasis on process automation.
  • To make sure of a zero defect output, we follow a system of 100% outgoing finished goods inspection for most of our products. For example, each spring is individually load tested. All expansion joints and other products subject to pressure are individually subjected to hydrostatic pressure testing.
  • Pipe Hangers used for sprinkler system applications are Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed.
  • WEICCO products comply with relevant international standards wherever applicable (details provided in the individual product category sections).
  • ISO 14001:2004 certified environmental management system.

  UL Online Certification

  ULC Online Certification