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Products & Services : Seismic Restraints

Seismic Restraints

WEICCO supplies a number of products designed to restrain movement of mechanical equipment, piping and ducting when subjected to seismic forces. Depending upon the type of product, these provide restraint in one, two or three axes. The most common application of seismic restraint systems is mechanical HVAC, plumbing and fire protection installations within buildings.

The standard types of products offered include :
  • Seismically rated Restrained Spring Mounts, for floor mounted equipment
  • Seismic Snubbers, for floor mounted isolated equipment
  • Seismic Cable Brace Kits and associated accessories, for suspended piping, ducting and equipment.
  • Acoustic Riser Anchors and Guides, which also provide seismic restraint for pipe risers
All WEICCO seismic restraints are tested for their ability to withstand loads according to declared seismic force ratings, keeping a large factor of safety.

We offer full technical backup for the design of the seismic restraint system, based on the project's seismic zone, specification requirements and other relevant variables.

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